Origami Owl Designer Malinda Mitchell

Origami Owl Designer Malinda Mitchell

Hello, my name is Malinda Mitchell. 

I am a people person, who enjoys being surrounded by my friends and family. They are why I am who I am today! My mission in life is simply to put a smile on someone's face. A smile or a genuine conversation to someone goes a long ways. I am big on manners and believe a "please" and "thank you" are very important when showing appreciation and respect. 
I have an identical twin sister and a younger brother. We all live in separate states but, try to visit each other as much as possible. I have been married to my, very supportive, husband Kris, since 2011. We have a 1 year old son, Alex together. I also have, my beautiful daughter Addie, who is 6 years old. Her and I have been through a lot over the years. She has definitely been my rock and my pride and joy! Her father, my fiancee, at the time passed away from Cancer at the age of 32. It was a rough road but, I wouldn't be who I am today without it. My daughter enjoys being a big sister to her brother. He, of course, just adores her!  They make my world go around. We enjoy quality time by going on walks to the park, the beach, or simply watching a family movie.  
My personal hobbies are to "try" and do DIY projects. They are more ideas than actual projects but, it's still fun to find new things to do around my house that can reflect my style and personality. I absolutely love watching all the HGTV shows. It would be really nice if one of those Designers could come to my place and help me tackle all the things, I would love to finish. 
Before Origami Owl, I was a stay at home mom and a returning college student. My career path was to become a Social Worker in the Criminal Justice Field. Although that is still one of my passions, Origami Owl introduced another opportunity, to fulfill this similar passion of helping others. It is allowing me to make a difference in the lives of others, on a different level. I have always yearned to help others when they are facing, or have faced, hardships in life. With my experiences and background, I am able to connect with others and they open up to me. Origami Owl is not just a business that sells jewelry, to me, it's an opportunity to connect with others, through their stories. Their stories is what makes them who they are, and I enjoy giving them an outlet to express that. 
I started with Origami Owl mainly because of the reaction I had when I received my first locket. It had so much meaning to me and my story. It was even more special because a good friend of mine created it for me. Each piece told my story in the most perfect way. It was right then. that I knew this was going to be what I wanted to do for others. Receiving that locket put the biggest smile on my face....a couple tears of joy too, but it marked my decision to become a Independent Designer for Origami Owl. I started in August of 2012 and I am having a time of my life. Not only do I enjoy the moments I have with my customers, I also enjoy the difference I can make with my team. Since starting in August my team has grown so much. I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of, through my experience with Origami Owl. Managing a team, of many designers, is such a rewarding feeling. Seeing them succeed and truly being a Force For Good makes me continue to do what I do everyday!!


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