Sharon Patrick

Sharon Patrick

Welcome...I’m Sharon Patrick, the creator of ‘Adorned for Five’.  I am a very excited and thrilled distributor of Paparazzi Accessories! I live in the beautiful community of Gulf Breeze along the Emerald Coast of Florida...just along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. l have been a wife and a mother now for over 35 years. My husband and I created a ‘Brady Bunch’  family of our own 13 years ago. We were married after not seeing each other for over 24 years. He was my High School sweetheart and Prom date. We had gone our separate ways and built separate lives after High school. However, later in life, after many years of being alone, fate and circumstances eventually brought us both together again, each with 3 beautiful children in our respective care.  We found each other; most importantly, the love we had both shared and so we began a new journey together. Now, 13 years later, we have 6 children with 7 (8th on the way) beautiful grandchildren who enrich our lives immensely each day. Now that our children are grown and on their own, we have gathered together, another group for our nest…In the form of 5 little furry four-legged kids. Yorkshire Terriers, lovingly referred to as Yorkies! They are certainly a handful to manage, but demand and provide nothing but complete love and affection!

Two years ago, I started my own small business grooming dogs from my home. I love grooming ( and with 5 of my own, became rather skilled at it! Hahaha!) Where it was a prospering business, it wasn’t quite the project which fueled my interests completely. I was certified and skilled at what was required but, I realized it wasn’t the fulfilling career I was driven by deep inside. After months of pondering and searching, a friend happened to show me an emerging company called PAPARAZZI Accessories. Long story short, after reviewing the prospectus and doing a little research of my own, “I JUMPED ON THE OPPORTUNITY!” My husband was just as excited from a business perspective as I was and he was as convinced with me; this was what I had been searching for in a business! Not only that, but what an exciting and rewarding adventure this could be for us together!

We immediately formulated a plan and purchased inventory. My husband, being in the display industry, created some very unique, attractive, portable and lightweight displays for merchandising our inventory. Once we had what we needed pulled together, the next step was finding the right venues to present our new business! We had our "launching" of Adorned For Five by Paparazzi Accessories at the Pensacola Gallery Night on July 19th, 2013. Shortly after that amazing night, I had my first in home "Open House" night on August 23, 2013. In between these 2 functions, I built an online“Adorned for Five” store which includes all my Paparazzi Accessories!  In just a few short weeks, I feel my satisfaction, coupled with my self-esteem and my self-confidence are at an all time high! ...As the saying goes: "She said she could, so she did!" What an incredible feeling!

My grooming business is still going can it not be with 5 of my own! hahaha! Yet, I find myself always looking forward to being out and about, exploring new venues and searching through the ever-changing inventory that Paparazzi has to offer!  The possibilities of how to increase my sales with this fantastic product seem so incredible! The customers absolutely love the product lines, their style, their quality and of course the beauty of the pieces we offer in our selections are really unique! With my husband's support and by my side, our adventures ahead, seem ENDLESS with Paparazzi Accessories! And, with everything being only $5.00...It is easily affordable and very exciting to tell people about! If you would like to join my team and start the adventure of a lifetime, then please visit:  OR email me  My store, Adorned For Five by Paparazzi Accessories page location is: (Distributor #18480)

If I can do this...SO CAN YOU!  Paparazzi Accessories are a fun, fashionable, guilt free adventure...and it SELLS itself! What could be more FUN?!!!


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